Interface MatchFilter

All Known Implementing Classes:
AnyFilter, ContainsFilter, GreaterEqualThanFilter, GreaterThanFilter, LesserEqualThanFilter, LesserThanFilter, StringExactMatchFilter

public interface MatchFilter

A MatchFilter is a class that compares the value of a GenericAttribute with that of a FilterAttribute.

Stefanos Zachariadis

Method Summary
 boolean compare(MatchAttribute filter, GenericAttribute attr)
          Compares the value of attr with that of filter.

Method Detail


public boolean compare(MatchAttribute filter,
                       GenericAttribute attr)
Compares the value of attr with that of filter. The implementor may assume that this method will only be called if both attributes have the same key.

filter - The filter attribute to which this MatchFilter is attached
attr - The attribute with which we are comparing.
Must return true, if the values of the attributes satisfy the implementors semantics. False otherwise