Class DuplicateClassException

  extended byjava.lang.Throwable
      extended byjava.lang.Exception
          extended bymitoolkit.core.MiToolkitException
              extended bymitoolkit.core.DuplicateClassException
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DuplicateClassException
extends MiToolkitException

Thrown upon an attempt to insert a class in a class space where a class with the same name already exists.

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
          Creates a new exception.
DuplicateClassException(java.lang.String s)
          Creates a new exception with an explanatory message.
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Constructor Detail


public DuplicateClassException()
Creates a new exception.


public DuplicateClassException(java.lang.String s)
Creates a new exception with an explanatory message.

s - an explanatory message for the exception.