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This page shows the SATIN metamodel as an extension of the UML metamodel (version 1.5). It includes the actual metamodel and a graphical notation for it. An extensive description of the metamodel itself is located here. Presentations regarding the metamodel are located here.

The SATIN metamodel.

A notation for the SATIN extensions:

A SATIN Component called Name.
A SATIN facet called Name.
A reflective SATIN component called Name.
A SATIN container called Name. Note that it is also a reflective component.
A SATIN deployer called Name. Note that it is also a reflective component.
A SATIN Attribute with key Name and value v.
A SATIN registrar component called Name.
A SATIN class called Name, with a private integer, i the initial value of which is 3, and a public method called getInt that returns an integer.
A SATIN object, name, an instance of SATIN class class.
A SATIN handler called Name.
A SATIN data element called Name.
A SATIN Logical Mobility Entity called name.
A SATIN Logical Mobility Unit called name.
A SATIN Node called Name.
Component Name implementing facet AFacet.
Component C2 using facet AFacet exported by component C1.

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